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Bringing People Together to Become Better Versions of Themselves

- Roanoke VA -

silhouette photo of people
silhouette photo of people

First of all

Welcome to ToTR Roanoke

Glad you stopped by to see what this is all about. The simplest picture of a ToTR meeting is to imagine a live in-person social network experience for adults. Kind of like just going out for a beer with friends after work, but with the purpose of sharing more than sports, news, and political opinions. It's only once a month so, please just come on over, check it out. Share some food, drinks, and life on us for an evening.
I'd offer to give you a refund if you don't find it fun and engaging but its totally free. No kidding, totally free other than your valuable time. Ginny and I are the Host and Hostess of these events. So, at absolute worst case, you end up with some delicious appetizers and some lovely adult beverages for free. :-)

people sitting on chair in front of table while holding pens during daytime
people sitting on chair in front of table while holding pens during daytime

Not to mention

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring men and women together to become better versions of themselves, better friends, better spouses, and better parents... just better humans. Life is fuller when you have a community to share triumphs, challenges, new goals, life stories, faith stories, and sometimes even tragedy. We do this by enabling a supportive community where personal growth and meaningful connections thrive. Would you like to share your triumphs, challenges, and hopes with a group of friends? You might be thinking, well maybe, but only with friends. We agree - That's why we provide structured table conversations that allow you to share as much or little as you like. This format is simple, comfortable, and builds friendships quickly, and soon the conversations flow openly.

And let's not forget

What to Expect

When you attend our monthly gatherings at Remini's Restaurant, you can expect an interactive and interesting engagement with people from a wide range of experiences and ideas. Our guided table questions foster open conversations about life allowing you to share your stories, share new goals, and explore different perspectives. The structure creates one conversation in the room with many voices. We break up into small table groups, share ideas, and then report back to the larger group key nuggets and thoughts. Our promise to all ToTR group members is to treat each other as equally valuable and important. The atmosphere we create is intended to be relaxed and welcoming where criticism is left at the door. We expect all to drink and act responsibly. No kids or dogs please.

Bringing people together to become better versions of themselves