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9/6/20231 min read

Wild Turkey of a Month 2023-Nov

What a wild month. I managed to complete another orbit around the sun. In celebration of that, Ginny and I spent a long weekend in Nashville TN in early November. We found an eclectic hotel carved out of a historic bank just off Broadway (where all the honkytonks are located). We spent an afternoon at the Miranda Lambert saloon listening to some great new bands. No, we didn’t buy any boots… just a had great time! The following day we went to a 50th Anniversary Petra Concert. They were the OG (Original Gangster) pioneering Christian Rock Band on the 80’s. ( Last time I saw them was live on the steps of Cinderellas Castle in Orlando when Ginny and I were newlyweds and JR High Youth Sponsors herding a group of teens around during the “Night of Joy”. That was an event held once a year on Disney property. Next, we cruised up to Clarksville just an hour north of Nashville and visited my youngest daughter’s family. She is married to an Army Dr. and has a couple of cute grandkids it was good to hang out with. Good times indeed. Back in Roanoke, the month flew by. ToTR event went great with a couple new visitors and most of the core team present discussing Thanks-Living. For Thanksgiving we had a bunch of grandkids running around the house from three families. I smoked a 20lb Turkey on a rotisserie attachment to my grill and slow smoked a Ribeye roast. Life is good an I am thankful for the many blessings gifted to us.

Cheers In Christ